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Active Gym is a device that strives for the highest quality in everything it does. At the heart of each manufacturer's project is the user himself - the person who will train the appliances at home or in the gym. ... The shapes, designed for the anatomical features, the captivating design that ensures the naturalness of the movements in all conditions - this is the unique line following the Active Gym brand . It offers individual solutions for the prevention of all the most common diseases and disorders, supporting you at every stage with the help of a complex system of devices: suitable for both prophylaxis and rehabilitation , to achieve maximum results. Active Gym devices are your best companion to reach the peak of a physical shape , regardless of the task - whether it's muscle gain , functional training or ideal cardio workout . The brand offers equipment both for the gym and for personal use at home. Active Gym trainers are created by experienced professionals and take into account the individual needs of each user!
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TRULY RANDOM WORLDS THAT NEVER REPEATS​ A virtual experience based on scientific workouts will drive you into animated worlds: WATER, AIR & SPACE. ​ The magic is created based on artificial intelligence and the track will guide you in RPM, Intensity, Colors and Time and will never repeat twice! With THE JOURNEY it is now possible to bring gamification into cycling.
Panatta is born with a solidity that creates value and a future. Made in Italy, design, experience, perfect joint biomechanics, technology and top quality, are in Panatta's DNA. Panatta offers the widest and most complete range of products on the market for all sectors, age targets and types of training.

When, a few years ago, the idea of this brand and of creating my own line of fitness accessories crystallized in my head, I knew that I would be finally able to make my dreams about creative work and using many years of my experience in the industry come true. ... The additional incentive was the willingness to challenge the huge concerns producing similar equipment in hundreds of thousands of copies. We've managed. Due to the well-thought-out products, courage in the designing process and independence in the decision-making, we have won many well-wishers and friends of our brand. I sincerely thank you for your support!
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A dynamically developing company on the Polish and foreign functional devices market.
We design and make devices for the individual needs of each client.